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Voters approve Build Our Future BA GO Bond

All six propositions passed

Broken Arrow, Okla. (8/28/2018) – Broken Arrow voters approved all six propositions for the 2018 Build Our Future BA General Obligation (GO) Bond on Tuesday, Aug. 28.  This is the largest municipal bond package in the history of the City of Broken Arrow.


“On behalf of the City Council, I want to thank all citizens of Broken Arrow who came out to vote today. This was a landmark decision for the community’s future and we’re excited so many residents exercised their right to vote,” said Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond. “The other Councilors and I knew this was a monumental undertaking when we asked City staff to prepare a bond package last year. But with the vision and guidance of everyone involved, and the wealth of citizen feedback we received, the Build Our Future BA Bond Package keeps Broken Arrow on the right track to continue its tremendous growth and maintain our high quality of life.”


The complete package totals $210 million, to be issued over 10 years. The GO bond projects will not increase the City’s property tax rate. New bonds will only be issued as old bonds are paid off.


“We are grateful for the support of all the folks who came out to vote today,” said City Manager Michael Spurgeon. “The level of engagement we’ve received over the course of putting the Build Our Future BA GO Bond Package together has been unprecedented in Broken Arrow. This package truly represents the desires of our residents for what they want from the City and how they envision Broken Arrow’s future.”


The projects are divided into six propositions:


  • Proposition 1: Transportation ($142.625 million)
  • Proposition 2: Public Safety ($20.35 million)
  • Proposition 3: Parks and Recreation ($17.75 million)
  • Proposition 4: Public Facilities ($16.8 million)
  • Proposition 5: Stormwater ($7.5 million)
  • Proposition 6: Drainage ($5.5 million)


The 88 projects will take approximately 13 years to complete. City staff has already started the process of prioritizing projects and deciding when during the life of the bond those projects will be completed, based on current needs and demands. Major improvements will include:

  • Widen Houston (81st) Street from Garnett Road to Aspen (145th) Avenue
  • Widen 23rd Street (County Line) between Omaha (51st) to Albany (61st) Street
  • Improve intersections on 9th Street (Lynn Lane) near Highway 51
  • Construct meeting center for veterans
  • Construct Senior Citizen Center annex facility
  • Improve drainage in neighborhoods
  • Build Fire Station No. 7
  • Develop a new park in southwest Broken Arrow

Visit for details on the bond package.