Learn About Our Total Resource Campaign

Rise to the Challenge is a 10-week, volunteer driven effort to attract new members and secure sponsorships for programs, events and publications. The campaign is a vital component to the Broken Arrow Chambers operations and is a great way to network and grow your business as well!

See what our volunteers have to say about helping with the campaign:

“The best part of TRC volunteering is the doors it opens for future personal business. When you call on a business as a Chamber Volunteer you are much more likely to get an appointment. Once you are there speaking with the decision maker, inevitably it comes out what you do when you aren’t volunteering? Thus the opportunity to sell yourself and / or set an appointment to further discuss your business and how you could be of mutual benefit to one another.”

-Dawn Seing, McGraw Realtors

“Working as a volunteer for Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce has had a very positive impact on growing my business!  The TRC campaign has enable me to set appointments with key decision makers in the community that may have never happened without calling on them as a BA Chamber TRC volunteer.  Each year during the campaign, I meet someone new that offers opportunities for me to build a relationship with a business owner or someone they refer me to.  I love the TRC campaign and the opportunities it provides for myself and the chamber!”

-Dianna Yingst, Aflac

“I have been a part of the TRC project. With the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce since the very beginning.  When I was asked to join the program, my reply was that I would be hard pressed to succeed at selling water in the middle of a desert!  Sales was not a part of my wheelhouse.  My job, at the time, was to create awareness in the community as to what Floral Haven had to offer in terms of the many services we provided.  What I found, however, was that I was not selling anything.  Instead, I was offering local businesses an opportunity to promote their businesses in a very unique way in our community.  The various programs we offer through the TRC, give businesses a way to be seen and recognized in very unique ways.

I did got involved with the TRC for personal profit or for the rewards trips.  I got involved for the fun it brought into my life and to build new relationships.  I must say, however, that the trips have been fun and memorable, and they gave me a chance to spend more quality time with the great friends I made with the others in the TRC.”

-Steve Moeller, Grief Recovery Resources


  • Connect with local business leaders
  • Improve or develop your sales and presentation skills
  • Increase your knowledge of the valuable work of the Chamber
  • Have an impact on community initiatives
  • Be rewarded with recognition and cash incentives – all while having fun!

How it Happens:

  • Volunteers sell Chamber Memberships, Sponsorships and Advertising
  • Volunteers are rewarded with cash incentives
  • Top Producers win an all-inclusive trip
  • All volunteers attend Kick-Off, Reward Sessions and Victory Celebration

If you or someone in your organization is interested in more information on how to become a TRC Volunteer please contact Jessica Mugg at [email protected] or 918-251-1518.