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Prepare for Managing Small Business Cash Flow

By: Jeff Kendall, SVP Commercial Banker, Arvest Bank-Tulsa

Cash flow is one of the largest determining factors of a small business’ success or failure. Before a company opens its doors for business, there should be a plan in place for managing cash flow and creating safety nets for times when it’s slow. Every company will experience a lull in sales, late-paying customers, a business contract that didn’t come through, or economic factors that affect the bottom line. When that happens, business owners can be forced to cut costs or secure alternative funding. It’s critical to be strategic with processes and set expectations for customers from day one regarding your accounts receivable policies.   Click here to read more…



Why Year-Round Pest Control Is An Essential Service

By: Farrah Fulps, Director Of Marketing & Business Development, Arrow Exterminators, Inc.

Just when one thinks 2020 could not get any creepier, despite this year of quarantine and social distancing there are strangers among us that pay no heed to social distancing rules. A study conducted by entomologists (the folks that have a strange love for bugs) about four years ago proved that even the cleanest, tidiest, well-kept homes are full of hundreds of arthropods. The term “arthropod” refers to invertebrate animals having an exoskeleton, a segmented body, and paired jointed appendages (arms, antennae and legs that have joints, like humans, just way more creepy and offensive) and include things like lobsters, crabs, spiders, mites, insects, centipedes, and millipedes. Understandably most homes do not have lobsters and crabs running around, however the worst part of this study was that there were still hundreds of various types of species found in those hundreds of arthropods found in the homes studied.  Click here to read more…



Knowledge is Power: Are you renting?

By: Vanessa Moctezuma, Realtor, McGraw Realtors

Are you paying rent now? By paying rent you are paying a mortgage, just not yours.

Interest rates are still at a historic low, but not for long so it only makes sense to act now. Stop paying rent! The amount you are paying in rent can easily be used as your mortgage monthly payment. The first step is to contact a Real Estate agent that is experienced, loyal, committed, and passionate about their client’s needs like myself. I have helped hundreds of families achieve their goals of owning their very own home. Click here to read more…



SBA Funds and EIDL’s

By: Rebecca Olson, President, High Tower Business Solutions, LLC

Tax Saving Tips Newsletter and Our Most Frequently Asked Questions courtesy of High Tower Business Solutions, LLC. Click here to read more…




What should you do if your credit has taken a hit?

By: Liz Stidham, Senior Vice President of Branch Operations, TTCU Federal Credit Union

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your credit score may take a hit. Whether you got behind because of the COVID-19 pandemic or some other reason, you want to start to take steps to rebuild your finances as soon as possible. After all, your credit score is a key determining factor in what financial opportunities are available to you in the future. Click here to read more…



Thinking Like an Executive

By: Dr. Roy Wood, Dean, NSU Broken Arrow

Before coming to Broken Arrow, I served in a number of executive-level jobs with the Department of Defense.  The pace of meetings, commitments, and decisions required me to continually work on improving my productivity and time management.  In the process, I discovered new techniques, workflows, and tools to help me do that.  Since many of you are busy executives or entrepreneurs, I thought I would share some of my insights with you. Click here to read more…


Five Tips to Avoid Fraud This Holiday Season

By: Barbara Russo, Vice President of Digital Strategy, TTCU Federal Credit Union

Nothing would take the joy out of your holidays quite like being scammed. Here are five of the most common scams that TTCU’s staff have seen lately – and how to avoid them. Click here to read more…




Preparing to Manage your Human Resources (HR) Needs

By: Derek M. Rader, Owner/Agent of Urbana Street Corporation

You might be thinking, if you are a small company, that an HR role is not necessary, or perhaps you are a larger company, and it is becoming too much for one person staffing this area.
You are not alone!
Click here to read more…


Volunteers of America – 125 Years of Service

By: Susan Kenny, Director of Mission Advancement

Craig, an Air Force veteran, came to Tulsa to care for his ailing mother. After she passed away, he found himself homeless and living out of his 2005 Chevy Malibu during the heat of the summer.
Referred to Volunteers of America – Oklahoma (VOAOK) by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, we helped him with many issues. Click here to read more…


Why a Buy Sell Agreement Is a Critical Piece of a Business Owner’s Estate Plan

By: Brittany Littleton, Founder of Littleton Legal PLLC

You have poured your energy and resources into building a successful business that not only provides a valuable service to your customers, but also supports your family, your partners, and your employees. But what happens to the company or the people you care about if you become incapacitated or die? Click here to read more…


Volunteers of America – BA Chamber Non-Profit of the Year

By: Pam Richardson, President/CEO

Volunteers of America Oklahoma was grateful and honored to receive the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce 2020 Non-Profit of the Year Award. At the time, we were working on a special project which we are now happy to unveil to you. We are pleased to announce a unique collaboration between LIFE Senior Services’ Vintage Housing and VOA Oklahoma. Click here to read more…


Microsoft 365 Delivers the Value and Productivity Small Businesses Need

By: Jason Ludwig, Sales Director, Cox Business Tulsa

While most businesses are returning to the office in one form or another, one thing is for certain: virtual meetings are here to stay. To thrive in a hybrid workplace, small business owners need an affordable cloud solution for virtual meetings that’s easy to use and deploy. Click here to read more…



How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

By: Jason Ludwig, Sales Director, Cox Business Tulsa

In today’s ever-changing business climate, agility is key for small business owners and their employees. Click here to read more…



Protect Yourself in a Crazy Online World

By: Josh O’Mealey, Director of Information Security, TTCU Federal Credit Union

With global tensions and cyber-attacks in the news, this is a great time to check your technology practices to ensure you’re protected online. Security experts suggest these simple steps to help keep you safe online. Click here to read more…



How to Future-Proof Your Business

By: Sarah Gallagher, President, The Persimmon Group

“Evolve or die.” This is the mantra of businesses poised to succeed. Today’s frantic pace of change, disruption, and innovation means that if you’re standing still, you’re really moving backward.
But exactly how does productive evolution happen? How can we be sure that the adaptations we’re making are the right ones? Click here to read more…


Peer to Peer Payment Apps

By: Nicole Ponteri, Risk Management Specialist, TTCU Federal Credit Union

Q: I’ve been hearing about peer-to-peer payment apps everywhere. How can I make sure I use them safely? Great question! Peer-to-peer payment apps (think CashApp or similar services) are becoming more and more popular. Click here to read more…


Micro-credentialing and Higher Education Opportunities

By: Northeastern State University

In today’s rapidly changing economy, it’s important for employees to have the skills and training they need to enter, advance, and effectively serve the workforce. Micro-credentials and digital badges are one way that higher education institutions are ensuring workers c
an efficiently gain those skills and market them to potential employers. Click here to read more…