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Government Affairs

Businesses are busy working on growing their companies.  They often don’t have the time to stay abreast of the rapidly changing legislative environment or really understand the impact it may have on them daily.

The Broken Arrow Chamber’s focus is be their advocate on local, state and federal level and ensure we have the best pro-growth business environment possible.


Broken Arrow 2022 Legislative Agenda

The Broken Arrow Chamber strives to be the leading voice to and for Broken Arrow businesses on legislative issues and advocate to ensure a pro-growth business environment. This agenda represents the top issues we believe impact the Broken Arrow business climate going into the 2022 Legislative session. Issues were identified by the Broken Arrow Chamber Legislative Committee through membership feedback, city leadership, educational partners and strategic partners’ agendas.

Tulsa OneVoice

OneVoice is the regional advocacy effort lead by the Tulsa Regional Chamber. OneVoice includes more than 60 partners across the region, ranging from municipalities to peer chambers of commerce and community organizations. Through OneVoice, nine task forces identify and prioritize key issues every summer. In the fall, these issues are brought together at the Regional Legislative Summit, where attendees vote to define the top 10 state and top 10 federal issues. These priorities are then shared with state and federal legislators via the regionalOneVoice legislative agenda, announced before session begins each year.

Government Affairs Committee

This committee is tasked with developing a legislative agenda that represents our members. Starting in February, our committee will meet the third Friday of each month at 8:00 A.M.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email Lori Lewis at [email protected].


Legislative Events

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  • Legislative Reception

    • This reception is held in October or November of each year. It’s our premier event of gratitude in recognition of individuals that serve our community as elected officials, including the city council, board of education, county commissioners and state elected officials representing the Broken Arrow area.
  • Staff at the Capitol

    Staff at the Capitol

    BA Day at the Capital

    • This day gives our members the unique opportunity to spend the day at our state capitol talking to our elected officials about the issues that are affecting the BA business community.
  • Congressional Forums

    • A breakfast or lunch featuring a U.S. Representative or Senator hosted by the Chamber (typically in the fall) to provide an opportunity for our members and the business community to hear from Washington lawmakers.
  • Government and Legislative Breakfasts

    • The legislative breakfasts are held before the legislative session begins, mid-session and after the session ends. The governmental breakfasts are held in the fall—hear updates from our Tulsa County Commissioners and other elected officials.
Government Breakfast

Government Breakfast

Contact Your Official

Contact representatives at all levels of government to keep them informed on the issues that are important to you and your business